A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves


The Art of Self-destruct?

It has been discussed over and time again that the majority of us do not wish to question the unjust laws and policies that deprive us the dignity and liberty as citizen. For most of us we do not seem to see the value or even value the fundamental liberties that is worth fighting for. We see no reason to stage peaceful protests to demand political reforms and act like dignified citizens like we claimed to be. We see the alarming consequence of being arrested for ‘inciting violence’ or ‘illegal assembly’ by the police as a great deterrent to participation. We see no value in any of these. These are acts that should not be bothered or worth inculcating.

We will fare better to teach the young the supreme value of money and ignore the meaning of liberty and justice. The subject of our fundamental liberties are not in the school curriculum and will never be. From young we are made only to value the report card and its grades. When we grow up we see only value in money and quickly learn how to generate more to make our lives seemingly much more tolerable. Our retirement age hold so much value in the end because we no longer cared to have it earlier during stages of our active livelihood. Perhaps we believed in a odd fashion that we could bring the remainder sum over to the other side even in death. Perhaps it is better to attain financial nirvana than leading a life of honesty and integrity, advocating democratic aspirations can easily seen as a sheer waste of time. Unknowingly we excelled in the arts of keeping ourselves subservient.

It has been said:

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Where are the good men in brave new Singapore? No. I am not referring to the extraordinary ones that lavish in tens of thousands per day while the common folk thrives one square meal or less, sending their children to school with nothing to eat and have to hold two or three jobs to make ends meet. Where are the good men that would ask the ruling PAP government the legitimacy and moral right to pay themselves million dollar salaries? What wrong have we to congregate and ask these legitimate questions such as these unjust policies and laws that would only profit the ruling oligarchy? Have we not realized that our constitutional rights are enshrined in the supreme law that we citizens have the right to freedom of speech and expression and the rights to peaceful assembly! No one can stop you from marching peacefully on the streets, carrying banners and placards stating your concerns but alas! The law makes it illegal for more than five people to assemble without an expressed permit. Even how peaceful it may be or participated by monks, dalai lamas and people in wheelbound chairs.

The reason is obvious. They do not want you staging public protest against the ruling PAP government. This law is politically motivated and unjust. Thinking men will not accept this. The ones that value money and other materialistic endeavors do not care one iota of consciousness. Even the voting paper is deemed dirty and wasteful. Even those that have gone to peaceful protests are perceived as dangerous fools.

They are the biggest fools if they but knew it!

I am in no position to judge but it is appalling to see multitudes of us cringing in fear but easily excited over other unimportant matters. Heed the call of dissent and you will face hell on earth. This much is true. You only need to ask those who have fought to shreds. But join the flock of sheep and you shall reap great rewards of wealth and prosperity; but be silent and go about in your quiet ways. Be rebellious and uncivil we will self-destruct. The island will be rock-bottom and in turmoil. We will no longer enjoy the prosperity this tiny country has been bestowed with.

Perhaps we are resigned at the very beginning. Perhaps our masters are always right and their decisions are god-sent. Perhaps these confrontational political savages seek nothing but disruption and we will do best to avoid them. Perhaps when we look back at our history in the near future we would know that nothing else mattered but dollars and cents. All else is trivial. Nothing else mattered.


Previous Posts Hacked!

I was going through my blog posts last night and discovered to my surprise that many of the pictures used to link to were gone! The image link boxes were all that remain and the void has occupied them instead. How extraordinary! For those of you who have been reading my blog I am sure you are very well aware of this strange occurrence having to notice those missing pictures. In fact I would describe this as supernatural primarily because the other normal pictures are still intact but the ones that portrayed satirical disposition of the ruling PAP government were miraculously removed!

Imagine my confounding surprise!

I can safely deduce that this is the work of pro-government activists who breached into blogger’s domains and tamper with their work. There is no other explanation. They might as well shut down the satirical website and remove their servers. How cowardly and despicable their acts. This is nothing short of criminal. Is this how we bloggers are treated for having opposing views?

I deplore these acts of cowardice utterly.