A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

Timeless message of freedom

Ladies & gentlemen.

In the age where the internet and citizen journalism are fast becoming powerful tools to deliver insights and perspectives, we must learn to embrace our basic rights to speak even in an inimical political environment where fear tactics have been systematically sown to coerce your submission and silence. Participation in forums or cross-examination forums via daily media such as newspapers, television or radio are never enough to begin with. They can be notoriously programmed and controlled by the State and views that oppose the integrity of ruling oligarchy, since time immemorial, have been ruthlessly liquidated.

I implore that we should try to fully understand the hegemonic situation that beguiles our senses, without question, to servitude. Conformity has managed to evolve into uniformity and uniformity has no place for individualism. Yet ironically it is the will of ambitious individuals, both dictators and dictators in the making, to dictate the lives of society and increase their power. These individuals know the fallacies of the rabble, ways to distract them constantly from real issues, engineer ingenious social patterns for its subjects to adapt as well as incessant propaganda through hypnotic machines known as the television. In the end their goals are achieved once you have been politically desensitized. Public protests or assemblies are deemed illegal for noisy democratic activists and although ,after raising a permit to talk more often than not, the application gets thrown out of the window. The conclusion on this note is that you cannot speak. It has become law that stipulates you to comply conformity of silence which is seemingly unjust to any free and sound mind.

There are always constant elements and laws that can limit your thoughts and may even land you in deep trouble should you ever speak or display too much. The fear of reprisals is apparent. It is inherent when thesss___corridor_by_selfrevolution.jpg secret police is moving at clockwork to maintain stability. It is sadly a known fact. Any government is a collection of public opinion and where there is little or none, it is the basis of totalitarianism and often a bad one. Defamation suits have gained a notorious reputation in this island where you can be bankrupted or even jailed. Past victims have been political opponents. Again it is a known fact. Democracy in the most altruistic sense I suddenly realized however respects life,opinions and self-governance, and despite harsh refutes by critics, especially communists, may say it will not work but the eventuality behooves on you to make democracy work.

*In the early days of democracy people used to buy votes. Obviously this was a terrible system. Rich people could buy votes to keep themselves in power so that they could pass laws making them even richer at the expense whose votes they had bought. People short of money would sell their political rights just to get food to eat. The wrong sort of people often got elected because the possession of money did not ensure administrative skills or concepts of social justice. To a lesser extent the system is still in use. Parties with enough money to buy more television time may indeed ‘buy’ more votes. In a more indirect way, in some countries, people are rewarded after the election for their support. True democracy would suggest the true free choice. If a person made the choice to prefer money to political involvement, is that not true choice? Then we point out that this might be a stupid, short-sighted choice which people might regret later. Is there any different from the usual political choice that is made? There is plenty of room for design improvement in the concept of democracy but change is unlikely because any comment on democracy is seen as a plea for tyranny. And those in power see no purpose in altering a system that has brought them to power.

For the apolitical Singaporean, he couldn’t care less. He criticizes in secret or publicly but in hushed tones and constantly whines. He fears reprisals because he places too much value on his worldly possessions and his self. In a different perspective without constructive thinking, freedom of speech is simply inaction, an ideal and a whimper much akin to a dog’s.singapore_ndp_06___13_by_dendennism.jpg Dogs have been rigorously experimented and abused in past Communist camps where the purpose is to objectively collect information on how long can the animal last in isolation when placed on undue stress and harassment. In due time the dog became hysterical and unstable. But then the animal displayed an acute susceptibility to new reforms and training. It is ready for a new master. This susceptibility is also apparent in a man when placed in similar situations. Soviet and Chinese indoctrination camps are famous for this. Irregardless of the methods or intents of this ethical outrage the passivity of the average citizen can and have always been indoctrinated since school. Freedom has always been suppressed in authoritarian states and the sentiment of the apolitical and apathetic Singaporean or any other citizen of the world, is mirrored by his social gregarious psyche. Politicians who endeavor ruthlessly to stay in power knows exactly how to exploit this to maximum effect. You only need to look at the multitudes of their supporters to prove this point.

Voltaire once said:

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

It is therefore imperative to tread carefully. I applaud anyone who is courageous enough to ask questions and speak up, unafraid of reprisals. We created this island into a world-class country with our toils and it is time we relook into our primitive thinking which is far from classy. I am a democrat however Jeffersonian it may sound, I believe in democracy not authoritarianism in which I have learned and seen the skeletons that have been spewed forth by the justices of time. I strongly believe in the power of freedom and creativity, not subjugation ,and I affirmed the need for collective change amongst people to exercise prudence and common intellect.

Exercise your right to think. Do not conform to silence. Free your thoughts from the auspices of authoritarian control. It is your duty to be human once again.

My blog is a reflection of my thoughts and interests. I feel anyone who is free in mind and soul should be able to read, write what they want without censure. Jefferson once declared:

When the government fears the people there is liberty; when the people fear the government there is tyranny.

*Taken from New Thinking for The New Millennium by Edward de Bono.


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  1. Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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