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Same old new Channel 5

February 23, 2007

I still remember the days when our television was brimming with TV magic and shows like the hit mini-series V and the late night Benny Hill show were utterly mesmerizing. Those were the days of SBC long before TCS and the Mediacorp invasion. MediaCorpĀ is 100 % owned by Temasek Holdings which is owned by the […]

The Arena and a whole lot of zZzs

February 9, 2007

Allow me to be very honest with Mediacorp’s Channel 5 variety show The Arena. It annoys me so much that goosebumps appear and I started going to the toilet with stomach pains. What the blazes are they teaching kids in school these days? These little politicians babble nonsense and almost marveling at their loathsome ability […]