A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

About phew!

Man is by nature a political animal

I am your average Singaporean who spend most of his time trying to survive in a conglomerate city wheredsc02894.jpg money is everything. As inconvenient and uncomfortable it may sound, I am a drone just like legions of us here. One becomes truly powerful with lots of real money but not if you are one of those with barely enough to get by each day and with imaginary digits from the CPF bank where withdrawal seemed very improbable. Happiness is never wealth and greed is testament to this. Money draws unlimited power, much of it can be used to persuade, dissuade, coerce submission and select perceptions and even to garner political votes. You are able to expand your business, live a high life, drawing plans to make more and more yusofs and how to stay rich forever. With flowing money, you are very able to snag that woman of your dreams, (yes, love can be persuaded with money) buy that dream car and wallow in your slick 22nd century condominium.

Is money everything we need in life? It is true, love is never enough and one cannot live on love and sunshine alone. But the cathartic perception that we must strive to get stability above everything else is an affront to the soul. When you gain the world none however feeds your heart. The truth is, my friends, the world no longer permits you to live off the land. The land lives off you. A sad prospect for the poor.

Wealth is not everything. Stability means nothing when repression and silence are omnipresent. Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World wrote:

singapore_arcadegif.jpg …there is still some freedom left in the world. Many young people, it is true, do not seem to value freedom. But some of us still believe that, without freedom, human beings cannot become fully human and that freedom is therefore supremely valuable. Perhaps the forces that now menace freedom are too strong to be resisted for very long. It is still our duty to do whatever we can to resist them.

Here are my personal insights on issues and interests. I do not intend however to bore you with the sole dry subject of politics alone and therefore there are music among other things that may interest you here. People need distraction which is why we watch TV. Politics however encompasses life and our lives are subject to it as in this blog which attempts to bridge this connection.

Thank you for your kind visit.


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