A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

Shame on us!

Are you a political illiterate?

By now you would have known that the blogosphere has churned out thousands of blogs which are actively engaged in opposing views on government policies. There are however not many that offer insights or a way forward to deal with the offending root of the problem. Indulging in dissecting elements of the many problems that arise from the diseased political system bears no satisfying remedy of which many us are so preoccupied to do with much scholarly gusto. The narcissistic ones are worse. If you would briefly study each random political blog the thematic conclusion that can be surmised is the glaring fact that the ruling PAP government is BAD. Every blog has attempted to channel readers into that perception with evangelistic glee. To be fair, even pro-government blogs are no better and some of them border on utter stupidity that is both revolting and vile.

Three options are formed in the heads of readers:flag.jpg

  1. Vote for the PAP.
  2. Vote for the opposition.
  3. Hope for a walkover to save the hassle of voting.

The perception has now reached its destination. You must decide what outcome to take. If the situation permits that you need not vote because of a walkover then you are spared the voting booth. Many Singaporeans liked this. They do not like to queue for nothing on a Sunday morning to mark something silly on paper. These are political illiterates, people who do not see or know the value of political issues or even their rights. They have been completely desensitized, irregardless whether or not they have had read any political blog or even before the advent of blogging. Their behavior are no better than a child. Our present information system, past and present, have ensured such childish passivity.

Political illiteracy sets in when no one think it is worth going the extra mile to attain the fundamental freedom of expression. It thrives on the childishly simple mentality that you can gain little or nothing. It spreads like wildfire when everyone writes about the many symptomatic problems but cannot muster the strength to be more proactive, more prudent, more action. The lack of aggression and open criticism which makes us no less than sheep because sheep fear of reprisals. We are easily perceived that we are up against a mountain. Our illiteracy makes us fear.

Do we really think that we can vote for an alternative government with the right check and balances? Did you seriously imagine that we could have more than two opposition in parliament and that would have the desired effect? We are fools if we are to believe such nonsense. We are even bigger fools if we are to rely on those mediocre opposition to make our lives better. That cannot happen. Whether or not JB Jeyaratnam has successfully formed the new Democratic Reform Party and tries to get votes. It is foolish I tell you. It is not going to happen because it is the same rigmarole story we have heard since the days he won at Anson. What reform he has hoped to obtain when people are apathetic and afraid to come forward and the system is almost perfectly machined to resist change or any grip in power? And not even after DR Chee goes repeatedly into jail with other ordinary folks who have had explicitly demonstrated their dissent. Are we devoid of common sense to see a man jailed as a prisoner of conscience? Should we continue writing verbal garbage and illusory poetic conundrums when the real world demands your immediate attention?

dissent.jpgIf you are no longer a political illiterate or never to begin with, I strongly recommend that you immediately shift your dichotomy to a stronger voice, an advocate of democracy. Blabbling about the symptoms in an intricate analysis would not get us anywhere. We already know the symptoms. Richard Yong has escaped and what can you do it about it? Nothing. There is no other way but demanding for change. The way of civil nonviolent and peaceful disobedience is clear as daylight. This is the agenda of all dissenting blogs in Singapore and all over the world, resounding through the entire cyberspace.

What vague reasons can there be behind those poetic monologues? Realizations? And to what end?

It is our sheer stupidity that we become politically illiterate if we cannot see the end of our deliberations and do nothing but inaction. Shame on us!


One Response to “Shame on us!”

  1. Yes i’ve seen the reality, and well enough of words, will you stand up and put them where they belong? Action.

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