A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves


True citizens who stood against silence and repression!

They are not prominent politicians or illustrious luminaries. They are neither the powerfully rich or famous foreign dignitaries. They are Singaporeans, just like you and me, ordinary folks believe it or not. For the first time the winds have heralded a triumphant clarion call for change and these superb band of men and women have broken the spell that has long blinded us of servitude and silence to answer that call. Are you among them?

If you were present on the Freedom March organized by Dr Chee of the SDP during the last IMF World Bank meeting, I salute you. Your acts of defiance in the face of repression have given hope to those who love freedom and cherish democracy in this island. Never mind that the police have gathered you recently to question and threaten charges of lawful disobedience and illegal gathering of nonsensical sorts. These are trivial. These laws are unjust to begin with. Any free soul would know this for a fact. And for the fact that you are no longer afraid and intimidated by these bullies who demand your silence, you are free men and no long serfs and lambs who would willingly bow and grovel at the taskmaster’s whip without complaint. Also for the fact that the number of you have gone public to show the world how uniquely the desperate ruling party treats the opposition and its critics leaves a delectable stain on the minds of the mindless apathy.

Gandhi once said:

When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always.

The keyword here is civil disobedience. By nonviolent means and peaceful protests we can break the silence and exercise our rights as citizens and a free people. Unjust laws are created by those who ruthlessly strive to maintain power, to silence opposing views in the guise of promoting peace and stability which may seem very benign only to the moronic persona. How many times can they jail you for demanding free speech and asking questions? How many of you can they give free food and accommodation in form of a concrete cell courtesy of the island’s best resort at Changi? 100. Yes, probably. 10,000? No that cannot be done. And how palpably stupid it may be perceived to the free democratic world that innocent people are repeated thrown in jail just because they asked why incorruptible politicians are being paid millions. Only men of thinking would agree with me on these points. There is no longer any further need to analyze the costs of this honorable venture of defiance and the ill consequences therein hold the greatest value of which cowardice will not suffice and need not apply. The mighty British were once brought to their knees through acts of civil disobedience in India. The similarities are crystal. It is clear what Singaporeans need to do.

Remember these young men and women in your hearts and show your support. Politics is like a hurricane, it sucks you in whether you like it or not and how you would survive in a surging pack of hyenas is a simple choice of either becoming a submissive lamb or a defensive lion. Do not be meek any longer and be brave.

We are seeing a new dramatic change in our lives and for once, only this chance, we can hope for freedom and democracy. Singapore Dissident who is at present based in San Francisco, USA mirrors my sentiments precisely:

The government is now in a quandary, thanks to these courageous men and women. During the entire history of Singapore, whenever the government threatened to charge political opponents for lawfully exercising their fundamental rights, the mere threat itself was sufficient for them to capitulate. Now thankfully it is different. These courageous young men and women are saying “no” to the Singapore government bullies. They are saying openly that they will not take the nonsense from the government anymore.

What is even more encouraging in this case is, these defiant young men and women are not the usual professional politicians such as Dr. Chee and JB Jeyaretnam. They are just ordinary folks like anyone else. For the first time, ordinary folks are standing up for their freedom. If these men and women stand undaunted, fearlessly and face whatever harassment the government throws at them, then others will follow. A mass movement for political change would have begun.

The government misjudged the courage and fortitude of Singaporeans when they decided to investigate these courageous Singaporeans. It would have been better for the government to have just left them alone. Now the government, in their usual stupidity, have opened a Pandora’s box. A can of worms. If they prosecute them, and they stand defiant and face the punishment, they will be emboldened to do more even more. They will embolden others to follow. You will have more protests in sympathy. The government will become politically castrated. They would have lost control. On the other hand, if after these investigations, they do not prosecute, the same result will follow. These young men and women would have won and Lee would have lost.

I apologize for saying this from a distance. I salute all of you. You have courage. Unlike thousands of other Singaporeans, you have shown that you are true men and women. I ask that you do not buckle under the pressure, and I am sure you won’t. Fight on. Protest on. Make others join you. This is the moment. The moment has come. Seize the day.

Carpe diem, lions.

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