A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

You drive me crazy

Oh…crazy, but it feels alright

mrt_singapore_by_eurasianrose86.jpgCome July, the new GST tax hike will be in effect whether you like it or not, things in Singapore will be much more expensive and that offset package that you will be cashing out will render a zero amount in your bank account within two shakes of a duck’s backside. Smoking ban in pubs and clubs, rising medical and public transportation costs- lives will be become much more untenable because of high living costs and there will be a significant surge in suicides from our favorite Highly Dangerous Buildings. Shrugging off these symptoms, which is inherent in any authoritarian nanny state, we are becoming increasingly detached from the universal precept of human freedom and expression.

And yet despite these we continue to be normal. Are we abnormally normal? I believe we are. We are conditioned to be normal in every way for the sake of stability and wealth. Freedom of expression is not required. It is taboo. We are completely abnormally normal not to speak or have opposing views. Forget about ghost letters to the State Time’s forum pages and questionable polls done by ‘global surveys’. We still cannot speak on issues. We cannot comment on the extension of Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi‘s house arrest by the evil military junta of Burma. It is the job of the State Times. It paints a different picture so that it may seem plausible for the moronic reader to accept the reasons why the military junta continue to oppress their political dissidents who are vocal on democratic reforms. I beseech that the UN impose harsher penalties and economic sanctions on these criminals who are blatantly abusing human rights and freedom. Malaysians should increase the pressure and probably expel Myanmar from ASEAN. The Americans should invade and free Burma of this outpost of tyranny either by means of an invasion force or a tactical covert operation. Alas! Burma has no oil. My apologies to the many innocent Burmese. I have digressed but the point remains.

The daily newspaper paints a different picture on why the EDB has failed in their multi-million venture with UNSW, shifting the blame squarely on the university. It paints a very good picture of which honest and incorruptible PAP ministers can earn million dollar paypackets while accurately purporting how lousy they are doing to rid Singapore of the current mozzy affliction and also why senior old folks need to work to the grave.

Extraordinary indeed. Extraordinary too that we are completely normal to these issues. Extraordinary too because the newspaper subscription continue to have business without let up.

In a event called Tampines ole! opposite the MRT station, there was this particular Tampines Idol (I never heard of such thing although I am a Tampinesian) who was singing a particular extraordinary song to a rather sterile crowd and the presence of Tampines PAP ministers. She sang:

You drive me crazy
I just can’t sleep
I’m so excited, I’m in too deep
Ohh…crazy, but it feels alright
Baby, thinkin’ of you keeps me up all night!

I wonder what the PAP ministers were thinking when she kept singing the chorus with much gusto and panache. I was of course, amused because the lyrics were so relevant in this context. In fact it was hilarious because I finally found Britney’s wisdom in her songs which I have never liked her in the first place.

Coming back to the point of abnormal normalcy, I implore Singaporeans to be aware of vindictive propaganda that seek to conform you to servitude and silence. I always stress the importance of free thinking and expression. It is our duty to resist all manners of authoritarianism before someone here like Suu Kyi gets a seemingly lenient house-arrest. Please release her, you cruel Burmese tyrants and please free yourself, Singapore, your fellows are counting on you.

For those who are just about to get to know Singapore, expatriates and citizen-hopefuls, please view this video below. This will give you a very good glimpse of what it is like here. Do not write articles on silly topics of noxious durians and quaint shopping. You are far talented than writing such mediocrity where no one ever reads them.

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