A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

Gay is good

The Proclamation

The Singapore ruling PAP government has declared that ‘gay is good*’ and erstwhile criminalization of homosexual activities are now deemed legal among consenting adults.

But wait! That is not going to happen anywhere soon. It will not happen if the subject has not been fully explored and a way forward has yet to be found. I cannot give a an exact or detailed account on homosexuality because I am no expert on the subject but nevertheless I will attempt to find a way forward to shed some light on this issue. If you are largely disturbed by this topic then I strongly recommend that you do not continue. You may be homophobic or influenced by factors that determine your disposition towards homosexuality, and as valid as whatever your perceptions may be, apathy is an enemy of truth. Knowledge however casts the best light. Your prerogative to read this post or leave, it is your own to keep and decide.

Spying on male loversHomosexuality is an age old orientation, and however unpleasant it may be, it has been present in every society, every nation since time immemorial. We heard stories of its effects and unpleasantness, revelations from bibles and holy books of how Sodom was destroyed by a fiery hail. This is a matter of belief. You were not there when Sodom was destroyed, were you? But somehow we believed, and our beliefs have not successfully allay the differences between warring semitic religions of the Middle East or resolve the many complexities of homosexuality. The similarities are apparent. It is our beliefs that brought us to a point of arrogance. It is our beliefs and dichotomies that discriminate. War can defined by the extensions of politics and religion. Homosexuality, in this case, suffers the same fate.

With science we already know that chromosomes determine the gender. The female egg carries the X chromosome and the sperm cell that carries the X chromosome, fertilizes the egg and thus producing a female XX zygote. A Y-carrying chromosome sperm cell will produce a male XY zygote. This is thoroughly simple. But how can you explain the biological conception of hermaphrodites or also known as intersex? A person born with two sexual organs? Burning  of SodomitesIs it safe to assume for the laymen that the chromosomes do play an important in determining your sexual orientation? Supposed you are an adult intersex- You can either be attracted to the either sex or even both, and thus, for the vilification of your unnatural state of being, you are destroyed together with the denizens of Sodom if you were living during those times. In modern day times, the doctor will surgically determine your sex and save the ambiguity of your gender from the public outcry. The days of burning people at the stake is over. These days modern science has enabled American scientists to discover a way to pre-select the gender of your unborn child. But can it pre-select your sexual orientation? Does it really answer the question that homosexuals are born gay? Or do we actually need an answer?

In this context I do believe that homosexuality is a born trait, developed by its genetics in which the mind has discovered through time and adapting attitudes and environment.

Yet, people are dissatisfied with this answer. If indeed there is link between homosexuality and the concept of intersex and its genetics, why then a seemingly man can be attracted to another of the same sex? The disorder of hermaphrodites have advanced and evolved even without an additional phallus or vagina. The mind has fixed itself on determining its sexual orientation. Biological factors like the chromosomes and genetic hereditary elements I believed have had this effect.

Is homosexuality a flaw in nature? Or a flaw in love? The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders no longer listed homosexuality as a mental disorder. But replaced it with a minor sexual orientation disturbance. For a start this has good stead because the mental identities of homosexuals are can be precognitively determined by their genetics. I have been following the recent issue on homosexuals in Singapore with interest and I have to add that decriminalizing is the way forward. But before I can arrive that conclusion, I must explain my intent. Here are two pertinent points:


There is a woman who is so afraid that homosexual activities will be decriminalized in Singapore, she would not want to make babies for fear that her sons will be exploited by lecherous homosexual men. This perception is shallow and prejudiced. But in the mind of the foolish woman, I must say with good reason, it is somehow valid. The gay community here has become increasingly engaged in their activities that promiscuity among their culture is furiously fanned and quickly gained notoriety. You only need to look at the many gay pubs and saunas along Chinatown available for the gay customer, both local and foreign, to integrate into his community and invest on his pink dollar. You may also find many of them cruising for sex at public places, parks, shopping malls and the like. They are everywhere; in schools, military barracks, offices, MRT stations even in cyberspace and that woman seemed fearful for her life and bordering on debilitating anxiety and panic.

While the law has made their sexual activities illegal and utterly draconian, it does nothing to curb such businesses that allow members to engage in orgies but allow them to thrive. This is hypocritical and substandard. But the fault is the gay community to swallow. The concept of promiscuity has garnered, among heterosexual men and women, a distasteful trait and this continues to beleaguer the average gay man. This is the fear of coming out for fear of open discrimination and abuse. Imagine to have a life in perpetual fear. Gays have to rebrand their gayness and promote monogamy as the highest ideal and abstain from promiscuity. Gay means literally carefree not promiscuous homosexuals. With this achieved, decriminalization may actually work. It is also widely believed that homosexual activities spread the HIV virus but this is not entirely true. Heterosexuals are actively promiscuous and the high rates of adultery and divorces attest to this phenomenon. Huge sexual crimes in this country arise from heterosexual themes.


It is no longer needed to further analyze and seek to root out the problems this world is beset with. Further intricate and extensive analysis will not design the future. A way forward is needed and in this case of homosexuals in Singapore or anywhere else in the world, each community must be able to lay out their needs and fears and from these set of values can emerge a compromise. The gay community has to relook into their role in society and how it can benefit it as a collective effort without compromising the conservative majority. I am not homophobic and that is term needed to be rectified in order for the majority to understand and accept the marginalized community. Homophobia has no place in the fabric of a global society just like apartheid and tyranny. The first step is to grant the gay organizing group like PLU a legitimate society. The role of the organization is to educate its community and raise awareness through all levels of society. Past registration attempts to register as a society have however been unsuccessful. But the PLU urged the ruling PAP government to show that it is not homophobic. The ball is now in the courts of the men in white to show their commitment to an open society.

Half-baked ambiguous comments are not needed. Neither comments from a dogmatic Christian. The issue of homosexuality has transcended, above the spectra of religious beliefs, and into public reason without the preconception of sin. If you are devout in sin or against it, homosexuality is and will be a crime. If your son is gay, he is therefore a criminal. It is also important to note that despite contrasting opinions homosexuality will forever be in the fabric of every society and it is really dependent on the community where it would want to move, in which direction, into the future.

The time has come to show resolve. You can poll your opinions here.

Homosexuals as a whole, I assure you, will not exploit your hetero son. He is not interested in them either. The young attractive lady at the corner of the bar does. Just make sure he knows how to use the rubber.

[*Slogan by gay activist Dr. Frank Kameny]


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