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The Death of W850i

Please recall my last post on SE W850i walkman phone.

That cellphone which was given to me as a birthday gift has died on the 12th of May. Truly dead beyond resurrection. Even Sony Ericsson technicians deemed the phone irrepairable. I was devastated.

I knew that it was purchased from the one of many boorish shops at Sim Lim Square, the phone was in fact an export set meaning it is without warranty. Without a limited warranty the cellphone can be bought at a cheaper price and thus it is one of the pertinent factors that perpetuate the purchase. It was bought at exactly S$619.50 from ROYALPLUS PACIFIC PTE LTD receipt no. 2144 on the 12th of December 2006.

Few days before 21st March 2007, the cellphone began to flash on the screen rendering it totally unusable. I headed down to MOBILEFELLAS at Tampines Street 23 to service the phone because going to the Sony Ericsson repair center would incur charges as well and thus relented at the idea that it might be cheaper here. The man readily took the job and told me the phone will be ready between three to five days. Gladly I waited.

It was not three to five days but almost a month. I collected the phone on the 14th of April and paid S$65 for the repair charges. That night, SE W850i flashed again. Imagine the heartbreak.

Exasperated I went to Sony Ericsson at Simei and on the 12th they rang me up and told me it has already died and beyond any help. They told me to pay $15 and come collect the dead cellphone. It is completely absurd. I am telling them shove it up where the sun don’t shine. I no longer need to pay anyone else a single cent. Please folks, do not go and buy export set mobile phones or 2nd hand ones. Without warranty your phone is utterly useless no matter how bad you have burnt a hole in your wallet. At these dire times when your phone malfunctions those people will tell you:

I’m sorry your phone has died. Please pay $15 to collect the corpse. Bring a coffin.

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