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Ghosts or Hallucinations?

People are usually afraid of what they do not know. The realm of the unknown. In this particular case, apparitions or ghosts can be classified as such. The belief in ghosts stretched even during the times of ancient Greece but to accurately document and scientifically prove this enigma is far from successful. An interesting fact however can be derived from the muslim’s perspective which can purportedly support the existence of these phantoms.


Muslims believe in jinn, a race of supernatural creatures created by God alongside the creation of Man. In the Quran it is revealed that the jinn is made out of fire, unseen to the human eye and lives in a parallel world similar to ours. There are classes to the jinn like the ifrit or marid a much more powerful jinn which during Solomon’s times, helped built cities. Satan is derived from such evil jinn whose leader is the fallen archangel himself Iblis or biblically known as Lucifer. There are however good jinn who believes in the Quran does not spread evil amongst the heart of men.

So what is the correlation between ghosts and jinn? Are they the same entity that many of us claimed to see at that moment of terror? Muslims were taught to recite Quranic prayers when confronted by a Jinn, reciting: Auzu billah… and the rest of The Exordium (al-Fateha) ,which is much like The Lord’s Prayer, ending with the last two chapters of Quran; al-Falaq (Dawn) and an-Nas (Man). It is also common to recite from al-Baqarah or The Cow, a verse known as al-Kursi or The Throne, which is believed to ward off evil spirits.

There are many instances where the muslim is conformed to precautionary measures in its culture against the forces of unseen evil. The belief in the jinn may accentuate the allegory of ghosts and ghouls which in turn readies the believer in truth and preparation against demonic forces. In other cultures, during the seventh month of the lunar calendar, Chinese folks burn hell-bank notes and display food and wine as offering to the dead. Even Halloween is in fact a paganistic festival to mark the dead but transformed to the pop culture of trick-or-treatin’.

In hindsight, could it be ghosts are the work of the jinn?


In medical and scientific terms, ghosts do not exist. When a person sees something extraordinary, he may be experiencing a hallucination or delusions either visually or auditory, which can be induced by drugs or psychiatric disorder, an infirmity that impairs the mind from thinking and perception. Simply put, that person is out of touch from reality. In the head, he is chemically-imbalanced. Medical care and psychotherapy are required to medicate the patient. Not exorcisms.

A Romanian priest and four other nuns were sentenced for the death of a young nun who was tied and chained to a cross for days. Maricica Irina Cornici, believed she heard the devil talking to her. She was treated for schizophrenia, but when she relapsed, Daniel Petru Corogeanu, a monk who served as the priest for the secluded Holy Trinity convent in northeast Romania , and the four other nuns tried exorcism.

Cornici, 23, was tied up for several days at the without food or water and chained to a cross. She died of dehydration, exhaustion and suffocation.


The end reader can surmise that neither case bears truth or even choose to believe whichever evidence that has more value to him. When the sky turn gray and the shadows grow long and odd, darkness can conjure a lot in one’s minds. When darkness falls and solitude is your only friend, that journey bypassing to that old derelict house may seem precarious. No one can tell you how to think, how to react to that strange sound and when it comes down to the test, only you will face your darkest fears.

A scary movie so scary the Malaysian film board issued warnings for pregnant women and those with heart ailments.


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