A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

The world doesn’t need apathetic Singaporeans

Are you apathetic?

Being indifferent to a commendable cause is an insult to common intelligence and the contrary to respect. As it is, apathy is one of the forefront enemies of poverty, oppression and the ills of the land. It robs you of your common sense, bloodletting your hands as a result of your lack of moral hygiene. It is the stuff many go to war and die in vain for all the wrong reasons. It is the precept of ignorance and arrogance to stay your hand from charity and good deeds.

If you are not apathetic, congratulations. You are not part of the hundreds of thousands rich and fat Singaporeans who couldn’t care less for pro-democracy activists, let alone know of their valiant effort to walk across the island, spreading a message of freedom. Many of whom are the archaic types driving their status symbolic but gas-guzzling SUVs oblivious to the preservation of the frail environment. Their characteristics are truly uniquely Singapore. Probably it due to low intelligence quotients or perceptive skills. Probably it is the fault of the daily newspaper which has time and time again proven to be inept in certain areas and in this case failed to do a coverage on this May Day Walk. But it always does a sterling job elsewhere on matters concerning the ruling administration, mind you.

Apathetic Singaporeans will shrug their shoulders and ask themselves: What is the point? Singapore wouldn’t be a better place even when they have successfully completed their journey. The answer is really a question to these apathetic critics. Aren’t Dr. Chee and his sister walking the talk? The Internet world is abuzz with this event and many are waiting to see what happens next when The Chees make their triumphant return tomorrow around noon at the Speakers’ Corner. The world is aware of their fight for freedom and true democracy, their walk is LITERALLY making your voice heard. Nevermind the crashing rain or the searing heat, for freedom sacrifices have to be made.

So spare a thought and change that attitude. Head down to Speakers’ Corner tomorrow and show your support for these heroes. Show your support for freedom between now and the future. The world doesn’t need apathetic Singaporeans. Apathy, amongst most thinking men, has died aeons ago.

5 Responses to “The world doesn’t need apathetic Singaporeans”

  1. So i am apathetic? That’s interesting. I happen to write because i’m not apathetic. But your last sentence is very right. Many Singaporeans are apathetic because they’re not thinking anymore. Chase money, mah. That’s what makes the question of survival all the more pertinent.

    And so how many people turned up anyway?

  2. Survivalism has indeed become a general obsession where money and materialism are pertinent factors that guarantees stability. Stability for your family, business and stability for your wealth. Stability for the country. Nothing else matters.

    This is the basis of apathy. Those twentysomethings that turned up were not. Writing about freedom is not. Embracing conformity is.

    Not many though would take their hand and carry on walking in the circumstance I’m sure you’d understand.

  3. Honestly, it’s because we’re brought up to be apathetic. Look at a sg kid’s upbringing. Ever since they are young, they are told to shut up and work. shut up and get good grades. Shut up and don’t take the step to be yourself. I have many friends who worry sometimes about the content i write sometimes and i know that i can’t trust everyone. But, if through writing, i can bring enlightenment to the apathetic, then i would have no qualms about living in exile.

    Kant once said: Enlightenment is the departure of man from his own immaturity. As a people, Singaporeans are still very, very immature.

  4. Oh by the way, nice meeting you. 🙂

  5. Conversely, no civilization can exist without stability. No social stability without individual stability. Sometimes freedom is akin to square peg to a round hole. All of these are a matter of perception hardly logic. The best way forward is to look at the way we live and contrast it to those perpetuated by political regression. Only then we’d know how it feels like.

    You are very right about sg kids. They are not taught to learn the truth and uphold it. They are not taught to practice thinking and value freedom. They are force-fed to value good grades because it may lead to better life in the future. Since young they are thrust into to adapting elitism and face the inadequacies of the education system which many believe to be a complete and just institution.

    Without the right thinking apathy creeps in and we are at fault to allow it to habituate. Kant also said: ‘It is not necessary that whilst I live I live happily; but it is necessary that so long as I live I should live honorably.‘ I wonder if honor is just washing our hands of moral hygiene. I wonder if we have any of it at all.

    It is my honor nonetheless to share my thoughts with you. For that end we have already dealt with apathy and hopefully we are not amongst the guilty parties.

    Thank you.

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