A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

May Day Walk for Workers

Chee Soon Juan and his stalwarts are organizing a walk across the island on 29th April island-wide ending on May Day. The 150km walk which “is intended to focus attention on the plight of workers in Singapore who have been exploited by the PAP, and left voiceless without independent trade unions to represent their rights and interests.” The walk will commence at Hong Lim Park (Speakers’ Corner) 6am and end at the same place on Tuesday around noon.

I am amazed by the tenacity of Dr Chee. He never ceases to amaze me given the political climate in Singapore and the ugly views of him via the media. This walk if successful will be a landmark event albeit a handful of participating supporters. The question is how the ruling administration would react to this Walk? Would they be arrested for unlawful assembly? What are the repercussions and fallout that would certainly arise? If you do not know, Dr Chee leads The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and is actively campaigning for free and democratic political system and the sanctity of freedom of speech. He is pretty earnest about his job but I must say, his reception is less than earnest. But these days, fear will force many to avoid this May Day Walk For Workers. And why?

For the common man they see this as folly. For the uninitiated it is of no concern. They do not want trouble. They would prefer the happiness of routine or the monotony of it as much as any other bloke. The enemy here is apathy. It is truly yours to choose apathy or knowledge. But Martin Luther King once said:

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.

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