A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

New Planet Earth named!

A team from the Geneva Observatory, Switzerland, made a stunning discovery. They found what is believed to be an exoplanet, much similar to our planet Earth orbiting a star Gliese 581c which is like the sun in our solar system. Twentylight years away in the constellation of Libra (i’m a Libran) and orbiting a huge red sun, this new Earth which is still unnamed holds the same climate as ours. You’d be much much older on this new planet, you’d be celebrating your birthday every thirteen days. Damn!

And also you can still keep your wardrobe. And your swimsuit.

The planet is believed to contain liquid water and that would mean you’d probably have sandy beaches. And a spectacular giant red sun peering in the sky. Since it takes only thirteen days to complete a year, I’d call this planet- 13. Earth is closely pronounced as the arabic equivalent of Ard and the language Arabic (اللغة العربية al-luġatu l-ʿarabiyyah or just عربي ʿarabī) is the largest living member of the Semitic language family. I am uncertain as to what Earth means similarly to our nameless Moon unlike Jupiter’s largest moon Ganymede.

Now the question on every geeky scientists out there is are there extraterrestrials living on the planet? You bet. Water is key to life and maybe 13ians have already discovered us and not bothered to drop by because we humans are like savages, ravaging Earth with pollution, wars, pogroms and taint the land with biblical wickedness. Maybe we could discover if there is any traces of global warming on 13 to suggest extraterrestrial activities.

What I can tell you is over the course of the next years, all space missions will make a mark on this new planet 13.

But please do not bring our garbage there. And tyrants, dictators and despots please stay on Earth.

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