A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

To Earth- Happy Earth Day

Earth. That is what matters these days. Our planet needs our help so much more than trying to buy that spiffy Gucci bag or wallowing in your new swanky Peugeot or that arrogant gas-guzzling SUV.

You see this planet of ours is only the rock we’ve got and it’s been around for more than 4.5billion years. dusk.jpgThe only planet in our system able to sustain life. But we are doing everything we can to rid life off this planet faster than we are trying to save it. All countries should support The Kyoto Protocol and reduce greenhouse gases emissions effectively. Cars which feeds on fuel ruthlessly should be made unfashionable to drive and people should try to use public transportation to work, greener buildings, lesser refrigeration and better recycling systems. And for the sake of the good, let’s get rid of those world-shattering nuclear weapons too.

The other day I was standing in a bustop around noon and I realized how blazingly hot Singapore has become. If you lay down on the granite, you’d be scorched.

Do something about global warming. Snuff out that power plug when you are not using. Earth has given you everything, it’s time to return the favor. Let’s think about her and start saving Earth today.


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