A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

Dirty Backsides

Well you’ve heard it time and time again that we live in a beautiful green city which is so clean you could sleep on the sidewalk. Oh not that I meant literally. That would border on vagrancy. I would agree at some point that our city is clean but only to a certain degree. The business districts and commercial areas are clean but have you tried wandering in neighborhood estates? Take a walk on the wild suburban side.

Try walking behind rows of housing flats and you’d see soiled diapers, sanitary pads and even used condoms. If you’d ask anyone there why it is so dirty they will tell you it is a norm. Rubbish of all manner of visual terror have been thrown out of the window because people here have become utterly lazy. Most of them believed that we employ Bangladeshis to sweep up our garbage which ultimately give us the God-given right to litter. Or even to clean the filth that comes out of our backsides.

Just look at the state of public washrooms especially those filthy dank ones you can find at MRT stations. I’d give you a pointer- Look at Woodlands MRT or other station toilets. It is damn dirty. Utterly. It looks as if monkeys and other deranged primates have just emptied their backsides not knowing how to flush or do anything afterwards.

Do we have dirty backsides? It may look all pristine and green but at the back we could look like the back of a truck. What warrant such an appalling behavior that is certainly devoid of any civility? I feel for the poor old lady cleaners who have to toil to see and clean our shit everyday just because we were too damn lazy or even didn’t know how to use the flush. Monkeys are forgivable because they are animals and animals do not know how to clean. But us? Singaporeans? Humans? Do we know how to? Or the only cleanest place you can find on the face of this island is at the Changi airport?

Singapore Dissident said: The Straits Times has grandiose news everyday. Singapore has the best Mass Rapid Transport system. Singapore has the best traffic system. Singapore has the best theme parks. Singapore is a beautiful garden. Singapore has the best standard of living. Singapore has signed a deal with China on technology. With India on aerospace. With Bulgaria on wrestling. With Nepal on mountain climbing. Singapore has trillions of dollars. Singapore has this. Singapore has this. Singapore has that. Singapore has blah blah…

My sentiments exactly. Beauty in Singapore is just a face-lift, purely cosmetic but the heart and soul inside is the personification of ugliness. We are paying ministers millions; they have completely justified their case for million dollar salary paycheck (click image above) so let them take the lead to start another campaign to clean our filthy errant backsides.


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