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Timeless tale from Iwo Jima

There are not many movies I have seen in my lifetime that manages to stir my feelings and this film has certainly made its mark and manages to evoke emotions easily. The tragic notions of fighting a losing battle so valiantly has struck a chord in me. Like many of us who served in national service, I can relate to the sentiments and hardship of soldiers. I was a soldier myself, a rifleman bent on making the defense of Singapore but I have never been to war. I have not experienced bullets flying or shells dropping around me or watch my buddies die. It is not whether for the good of the country or my own convictions, but the underlying thoughts of those who always love you in memory and in prayers that this movie effectively resonate in its letters. Clint Eastwood has created a timeless piece where the theme of fighting a lost war seemed so romantic and even poetic. This romance takes place in a volcanic island known to the Japanese as ‘Sulphur Island’ or Iwo Jima set during the Second World War.

What effectively affects me is the reality of this film. It is neither too violent but essentially dark as if in mourning right from the start. Kazunari Ninomiya and Ken Watanabe bring life to its doomed characters and engages you with their screen presence. Other characters have made notable presence as well. I would give a near perfect 5 out 5 for the film but to do that I am exacting injustice. Life is not perfect and so is Letters from Iwo Jima.

I have full faith in this intimate film that has more humanistic aspects of war that we should always remember that no matter what we should shooting at the so-called enemy we are killing someone who has a mother. Like ourselves. War is but an extension of politics and young men die. To put it rather bluntly we should send our politicians to war. They do nothing but talk.

See this movie anywhere you can now.


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  1. Letters from Iwo Jima dvd has been released on the 22nd of May. Get it from all good movie stores.

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