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300 a mindless action flick

When arrows fly to you like that, you’d better run to the nearest air-raid shelter

300 is a typical mindless action flick which looked so damn good, you are so sure you are not watching another George Lucas’s Star Wars. The violence is so relentless it borders on stupidity sometimes and who wouldn’t think so? Hundreds of thousands against a scruffy band of hunky men in speedos with killer abs. Historians counted almost two million Persians in the Battle of Thermopylae and many went to be part of the wall of corpses. Countless arrows that even eclipsed the sun and you have a greek warrior laughing under his shield. Raging war elephants, battle-tank rhinos and villainous warriors in Darth Vader masks but yet the Spartans stand firm almost unscathed. Thank God Zack Snyder did not feature a cutesy creature like Jar Jar Binks in the movie.

While 300 is a visually arresting movie with sights and guitar riffs to astound your senses, historically, it is pretty lame. Persians were made to look like barbarians, the immortals a murderous band of mime-like warriors and otherworldly creatures of mystical proportions sneak here and there. Xerxes the persian king looks like a man with a fetish for beads and jewellery and over eight feet tall. Every Spartan warrior is ripped and with a killer bod like in a gay-parade. The Oracle, my word, is like a cheap harlot high on drugs. Not to say I didn’t enjoy the movie and it was a good ride though. My expectations were pretty high coming from Frank Miller graphic novel but I’d say the producers stayed true to the nature to the artistry and dazzling comic-work. Full points for that.

Otherwise, the movie is 6 out of 10 but storywise and characterizations, a mere two on the scale. If you want a good time with the 300 Spartans check your intelligence at the cinema doors and carry on munching your popcorn.


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