A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

Should we ban tobacco?

The medical science is pretty crystal clear- Tobacco causes cancer and many other illnesses that can complicate your health. But if it has a deep effect on health why doesn’t WHO consider outlaw it seriously? I wonder if we could, in spite of addiction to tobacco or our disgust of it. I am a smoker and indeed in Singapore where the price of a pack of ciggies has skyrocketed in past years, the government does not take further steps to cull smoking but rather profit from the price increase.

I find the move entirely hypocritical and substandard.

Tobacco causes lung cancer, heart diseases and many other ailments that take the stuffing out of you but yet no one has completely outlaw it? Because of its cancerous properties, authorities should brand it just like heroin and completely eradicate tobacco. According to health fascists smoking kills. Why then increase its price and take advantage from the price hike? Why not be altruistic and even ban alcohol which causes drunk-driving and social problems? Rid the streets of prostitutes, lock-up homosexuals and hang perpetual drug addicts. Maybe we ought to be utopian and strive to be angelic at all extremities.

The thing is we cannot.

The problem with society is that we always try to be accommodating though we cannot achieve a perfect society even in a communist or fascist state. Not even in a Platonic sense. People have rights, human rights more precisely and the freedom to be whatever you will or do. Laws are simply to create order out of chaos but mathematically there is always provocation. Respect and tolerance are two paramount factors crucial in a cohesive society.

I am a smoker. If I should choose to smoke till I land in a hospital, it is my prerogative. And I choose to lead a healthy lifestyle and cut down on smoking although at this point quiting seemed hard for me. If someone wishes to be addicted to heroin, that is his prerogative and if he is caught and thrown into rehab, that is his eventuality. If criminals are so smart, none would be caught. You are smarter, you wouldn’t do crime and find unjust laws a crime. But we all should learn to be free.

Free to speak.

That is the paradigm of life. Should we ban tobacco? Oh dear man, even Winston Churchill is an unrepentant smoker.


One Response to “Should we ban tobacco?”

  1. Tobacco needs to be banned. It’s an addictive drug with no medical use that damages your body. Not only that, but using it actually puts people around you at the same risk. If I came around with any other substance that did that, it would immediately be made illegal. But here we’re too worried about the effect the tobacco companies have on our economy to do what’s common sense… -_-‘
    “Home of the brave.” Yeah, only when it’s about standing up for our freedom to kill.

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