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The Paradox of Nuclear Weapons

Ever-since the detonation of nuclear weapons during World War II, there has not been further detonations that would have leveled cities. Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been these two fateful cities, their scars evident till today. On August 6 1945, Little Boy fell out of the sky and exploded 2,000ft  above the center in the city. 90,000 people were killed instantly. The whole city became extinct. It has been said that shadow traces of people in the hypo-center of the blast were found on stone-steps. People were incinerated by heat rays of massive temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Centigrade. Three days later another atomic weapon exploded in Nagasaki with similar destruction and horror. More than 200,000 people died from these bombs and from its dastardly effects.

There are currently eight countries that have successfully detonated nuclear weapons and five are considered to be nuclear weapons states. The United States, Russia, The United Kingdom, France and China. India, Pakistan and purportedly North Korea have detonated nuclear devices but they are non-signatory states from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Another country which has nuclear weapons is Israel but strangely, no one does anything about it although it is very much believed that the Israelis have more than 200 nuclear weapons in their arsenal. Did Iraq ever in possession of weapons of mass destruction like nuclear ones. They don’t. Saddam would have nuked the invading US-led force to kingdom come and to Hell and back.

Such is the irony. We create nuclear weapons, seen the power of its destruction and yet we make some more. Some countries can have nuclear weapons, some cannot or disallowed. Some are threatened with economic sanctions or even a possible invasion. Some have them clandestinely while the international community does nothing about it. But why do we make nuclear weapons? To bully our neighbors into submission? Wouldn’t that compel them to acquire the nuclear technology themselves? Wouldn’t there be an arms race? And finally the entire planet would be filled with intercontinental ballistic missiles.Then again what gives you the God-given right to have nuclear weapons in the first place?

I don’t care if Iran is making nukes or the shifty North Koreans for that matter. I will keep on writing this blog even if the Americans have entered Pyongyang. Hell, I don’t even care if China invades Taiwan even before the start of the next Olympics and hurl some nukes to herald the start of the war. The point is if you want this planet to be safe and sound for our future generations, then we all should disarm ourselve once and for all. We should always remember what the American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer who directed the Manhattan Project said when he witnessed the first nuclear detonation:


I am become death; destroyer of worlds.


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