A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

Mind your own business

Well mostly, we do not

Despite our mums have constantly reprimand us not to be a busybody when we were kids. Sometimes we get a free slap. But these days to put it simply, we love to mind people’s business. It’s our business; we make money out of it. Someone’s toilet breaks down. That’s his business but we come over and repair it. We watch people’s business on the television- we would want to know what happens next in Desperate Housewives and waiting to watch the next skin flick or who gets laid or murdered. There’s even a software called MYOB and that’s minding people’s business. News broadcast breaking news that happened in people’s countries so intensely like the Omaha beach assault on D-Day. Even Bush is so interested in Iran these days that his quality time with his pet dog has dropped considerably. It’s a phenomenon, it’s everywhere.

The term mind your own business has become insignificant and least relevant. You’d better off to say bugger it, chappy! to that curious cat. Words have become silly just like eggplants when there are really no eggs on it. Perceptual words are reigning supreme and taking conversations to a whole new level of understanding and interest.

We couldn’t be much more explicit in this aspect. When someone saying he’d kicked the bucket, you’d know he is dead. People business=Our lives and it revolves around people and things that interest us. We need to mind and consider these aspects or we’d be dead just like that guy who’d kicked the bucket. We carry this information around that we had gathered and spread it around like ashes in the wind, just like gossip. It’s currency. You give me some, I trade with you some juicy bits.

So the next time someone say mind your own business, remember he never meant it. We just love to know. Just say oh man, i’m sure you don’t.


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