A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

What if your dog could be trained to speak?

For many us this would be a brilliant discovery that would change our very lives and yes, we will miss their barkings and yappings. For dog owners, we have learnt to read their expressions-sadness, joy and anger. We respond to these. But if dogs could speak? First of all, my apologies to Edward de Bono, a superb thinking expert. I regard him as my thinking guru. I cannot thank him enough.

So what would happen to our lives if one day some animal expert have discovered a new revolutionary way to train dogs to speak? We could no longer keep secrets because Fifi will expose your dirty linen to Max, the golden retriever across the street. You could hear smart-ass reply like go get it yourself, David when you command your dog to fetch your morning paper. The poodle might even say hey this looks ugly, this groomer sucks and things could get difficult. Imagine a burglar snooping around in your house and your dog comes up to him and says um…excuse me, what you are doing here? Smarter dogs would want their rights and dogs in the same community would support them. Our lives will never be the same ever again.

The what-ifs are a great way to expand our conversation and make it very interesting. For the sake of conversation humor and creativity will more often than not, encourage interactivity and a free flow of ideas. There are people who are like an open encyclopedia who can reveal information facts and figures but cannot generate ideas. If you could reveal some of your ideas, they will oppose you and dismiss them as garbage outright. You might as well read something from Wikipedia and get your figures from there.

Thinking is a skill, it is a habit which can be taught and trained just like any other skills.

Dogs can never be trained to speak in my opinion. But if they could, I sure like to be there to hear what they have to say. It would bring a whole new meaning to man’s best friend. And I wonder if my Persian cat would agree on this. 😉


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