A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

What’s next, Democracy?

So it seemed easy. Invade and liberate Iraq. Exterminate the terrorists and install democracy. On March 20th 2003 US-led coalition forces stormed into Iraq in a campaign which shocked and awed the world till today. At what price democracy? Till today many Iraqi people are suffering from the repercussions of the invasion, their lives at the very fingertips of suicide bombers and insurgents place US soldiers in their gunsights.

To begin with, was the invasion justified? Are the Iraqis better off with the dictator Saddam Hussein who held the country together in an iron-fist. Perhaps, such iron-fist was needed to seize the warring tribes and factions to submission rather than having foreigners roaming their desert. Truly, democratic revolutions start from the people. Had the Iraqis chosen to rid of Saddam, they would have done it and stormed the presidential palace. They would have lynched the dictator. Democracy cannot be forced upon.

If you apply this logic to North Korea in attempt to dislodge the Marxism regime, the North Korean people will rise and oppose the occupying force. The same cannot be said about China which is still a threat to the free world or any other outposts of evil for that matter. Democracy is not compulsion. True democracy is free for all. You decide who you want as your government. No one can do this for you or speak the words from your lips.

What Bush had attempted to Iraq is called Democratization or more aptly, republicanizing. And we wonder where in blazes are the weapons of mass destruction. Iraqis should adopt tehnocracy a higher form of democracy but never bureaucratic, engineered to generate their economy from their resource of oil, savvy businesses and a perchant for secularism. These Iraqi technocrats will whitewash warring factions like the Sunnis against the Shiites and make both sides think for the future not themselves. Technocracy involves a lot of superior thinking not the herd mentality. Democracy in some countries are nothing but a grand public event for all to see but everyone knows what it is happening in the backseat. Ironically there are many who are so apathetic they could not care less if they are able to speak freely or articulate their opposing views. All they want is stability. Stability for their lives and money. They live, work and die all for the sanctity of wealth and prosperity. Such is the fates of apathetic Singaporean citizens.

Is there is such a thing anymore as democracy? Democracy with transparency and honesty, simplicity as well as freedom which this world is sorely lacking. To answer it let us all look at what we have in abundance:


One Response to “What’s next, Democracy?”

  1. You say, “Truly, democratic revolutions start from the people.”

    What about Japan? That was a “forced” democracy that worked really rather well. Germany too for that matter. I’m wondering why you didn’t even consider these obvious examples.

    Both of these strong democracies started with foreign powers, with constitutions imposed by the USA. True, both could have been stopped with stronger resistance by their people. Iraqis were given a chance at a similar democracy and peace, but for the time being they have chosen civil war.

    I think Bush’s fundamental mistake was his proclamation that “Islam is a religion of peace”. If Germany and Japan were muslim countries, they would still be engaged in atrocity today.

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