A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

The problem with gay-ness

These days if you ever mentioned the word gay many folks would go eww….is he really gay? In actual terms it actually mean carefree and I still remember that Flintstones theme song. But folks, these days the contemporary usage would mean a homosexual. And even though the term has transcended and evolved into such demeaning illusory portrayed by straight people that if you are gay, the reaction is usually catatonic.

For many, the issue with gay-ness is the preception that gay people (which technically meant homosexual people although lesbians are a gender-specific term) are the harbinger of AIDS and their alternate lifestyles are repulsive. Their gay-ness may even corrupt heterosexuals and that they are out to get you. This perception has to be eradicated because it is unfair to perceive the whole gay community as a whole.

Not all gays are rampaging promiscuous people. Sex and love do not mix so much as easily with oil and water. The same I believe can be said about heterosexuals. Statistics are clear that heterosexual men and women can be as promiscuous as the perception of gays. Married men and women getting embroiled in illicit affairs are clear proof that promiscuity does not regard your sexual preference.

On this note, I believe that if you are in love with your partner, make sure you do and stay monogamous. This applies across the board regardless your preferences. Being gay means carefree, it is never promiscuous to begin with. Gays have to commit themselves in relationships as much as straight men and women do. This carries respect and respect gain trust. Archaic anti-homosexual laws may change in countries where it is illegal like Singapore. Only then communities gain trust of each other because they have begun to understand. And only then the world may no longer stand on either side of the fence.

One Response to “The problem with gay-ness”

  1. On average, gay men are drastically more promiscuous than the rest of the population. This means gays are a big part of spreading disease.

    On a per capita basis, gay men are drastically likely to be involved in the molestation of teenage boys. If you look at the molestation of boys before puberty (true pedophilia) however, gays are no more likely to be involved in molestation than anyone else.

    Another problem is that gays are assaulting marriage. If marriage can mean anything, it means nothing. Now in germany a person has filed a human rights case to marry his sister. Marriage is the fundamental construct of society.

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