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Same old new Channel 5

I still remember the days when our television was brimming with TV magic and shows like the hit mini-series V and the late night Benny Hill show were utterly mesmerizing. Those were the days of SBC long before TCS and the Mediacorp invasion. MediaCorp is 100 % owned by Temasek Holdings which is owned by the Singapore Government if you’d like to know.

And I still remember when I was a kid, rushing home after school to videotape the latest episode of Transformers in case my sister forgets. I do still remember fondly how my mom hollered at me to stay away from watching the telly so close. I was so hooked on the cartoon series that I began to draw caricatures of my favorite Transformer character and got constantly reprimanded by my schoolteacher in class for drawing them on my textbooks.

Heh. Channel 5 was instrumental in my daily activities that one minute from the goggle-box spelt doom for me. But twenty years down the road, I grew mature and capable of superior thinking (most of us do?) I find that the TV channel had no longer that effect. Here’s one of the reasons why:

The main english Channel 5 aired movies repeatedly quicker that you’d say have I seen it before? Trust me, you have seen Predator more than you could possibly imagine. And how many times have you been fed with teaser trailers and the making of a movie like The Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life that you grow numb and when you actually watched it (say you haven’t seen it at the movies presumably) it is not actually good to begin with?

So who won on The Apprentice? Is it Sean or Lee? Stay tuned and catch next week? Come on, the Internet and cable TV folks already knew. Channel 5 has got to be ahead of its game if it wants to be real competitive. These days I am no longer being mesmerized by the telly or Channel 5 for that matter. Its heydays are long gone despite the same old new brand logos and its same cast of ageing actors. Damn! If I could only choose what programmes I’d like to see.

To be really good, Channel 5 has to discover the needs of the viewers. 😉

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