A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

Jihad (concept video)

This video is pretty engaging. It shows the madness and tenacity in the Middle East. The song by Slayer aptly titled Jihad from their award-winning album Christ Illusion depicts the song from a terrorist point of view. The end of the song features translated quotations in spoken words from the terrorist manual found in an investigation related to the September 11 attacks:

Be optimistic, happy and calm
Show no fear or anxiety
Smile at the face of God
And your reward will be eternity
Holy warriors
Your patience will be justified
Everything is for Him
You must not comfort the animal before you kill it
Strike as champions at the heart of the non-believers
Strike above the neck and at all extremities
For it’s a point of no return for almighty God
God will give victory to his faithful servant
When you reach ground zero you will have killed the enemy
The Great Satan

Disturbing. But it’s true. Shouldn’t we all strive for peace and stability on this earth?


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