A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

So you think you can chat?

For many us who are familiar with the Internet chat, chatting has become a norm and more often than we’d realized, an unmistakable addiction. I for once has been addicted to it but has long since controlled my passion for the chat. Though it is fun to get to know anonymous people but on the other hand it may be dangerous for the unwary and unsuspecting chatter. Things can get out of hand if you step out of line.

Teens prowling on the Internet looking to make friends but instead they find sexual predators who pose to befriend them. Many people seek sexual pleasure wantonly to whomever may respond to their illicit advances. Many appear as unmarried folks and find mates to stimulate their redundant marriage lives. A high percentage of divorces and social problems arise from this source of problem. The Internet chat.

So how do we set things right? How do we actually prevent such things from happening to us and at the same time have the clean fun that we need on the chat?

First of all we need to know and realize our intentions. Getting to know friends is easy but taking it a step forward is really the tip of the iceberg. Be clear about your stand and stick to a consistent nick that parallels your personality. Disclose pertinent information but be discreet and choose your cyber-companions wisely. Trust no one but trust yourself.

Secondly if you like to meet any of these cyber-buddies that you have, organize a gathering. Say like a gathering over coffee at Starbucks. This helps to allay your anxiety and really…it’s alot more fun to meet the whole gang.

I have been chatting at for several years now and I’ve met many people in a group and some of them are still one of the best people I’ve known. It’s a whole lot easier when you know what you want and what you are looking for. And yes, do not try to attach any strings. Remember these people have lives and you do not actually know their backgrounds. They can be married, divorced, single or downright neurotic. Yup, those people who log in with the intention of harassing other chatters. They are legion, for they are many. Should you come across such undesirable character, simply ignore.

Come to the chat and have a clean fun time. šŸ™‚

2 Responses to “So you think you can chat?”

  1. There were many cases of online sexual predators and con artistes who have been put to trial and consequently convicted of their crimes. An interesting case was a ST journalist who posed as an underaged young lady to trap sexual predators, her article was on the sunday times not too long ago. A teacher, I believed, was dismissed from his school, as a result.

    I appeal to chatters to exercise discretion and prudence when meeting new people. There are many people who chat who are not what they actually are.

    In another note I appeal to online citizens to respect the chatroom as a public place and not to trade insults, harassment and engage in nefarious dialogues to satisfy their need of enjoyment. We need to understand, as in real life, people have opposing views and that does not give you the right to oppress others in spite of your beliefs.


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