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Let’s improve our Chat!

Well, I think is a great place to chat. It’s real fun and you can use many funny icons available in the server to accentuate your chat. These icons you can use if you are an Operator which is an essential paying member who supports the chat. You can also help improve the chat room as well as helping to keep the chat a friendly place for everybody. Conversely if you’d like to use these icons, you can approach any of the Operators and ask for a grant. Most of the time, they will grant you. Don’t forget to thank them that’s all. Heh.

If you’d rather want to use this feature every-time you log in to chat plus many other benefits that await you, why not sign up as an Operator?

There are those who enter the chat simply to annoy others and get embroiled in a heated argument. Eventually, insults of all sorts will be traded. Remember the chat is a place to be friendly and have fun, not to trade insults and question people’s legitimate birthrights. 😉

Anyways, the server can get pretty laggy especially late at night and sometimes I can’t log in at all. I hope the server admin guys can address this issue real quick. I also feel that the website looks very dated and in dire need of change. Misspelled words are present too. Let’s get this changed alright?

If you have any comments or suggestions, why not leave a suggestion here?

With your support, will be better place to chat and ever will be. 🙂

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