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Strange sounds at night

We hear the strange sound of marbles dropping on the ceiling above in the middle of the night. Many of us who live in HDB apartments can relate to this strange occurrence. It did not sound like anything else but marbles being dropped. It is very distinct and unmistakable. Could it be kids playing them? But aren’t they supposed to be asleep? Sometimes we hear furniture being dragged across the floor. What could all this possibly mean? Let’s get it straight- in a recent Straits Times interview HDB spokesman told Strait Times that:

It is possible that old air-conditioner pipes or refrigerators caused these sounds or the sounds of lift doors closing.

Refrigerators in the room above? Lifts? I find the response disturbing. Yet no one could possibly uncover the truth behind this macabre occurrences. My guess is that demons are at work here. Ghosts or restless spirits bent on making your sleep disturbing. Could it be? Yet one of the most terrifying event that could happen to you while you sleep is awakening to full body paralysis; You can’t move. Or utter a word for help. You thrash about in your bed wildly, your heart palpating like runaway construction pile-drivers and in your state of terror you make gurgling sounds, trying to rouse your partner who is fast asleep. You feel as though something or someone is sitting right atop of you and relishing the sight of you in terror and groaning in your throat for divine intervention. Have you felt that? This wide-awake nightmare is well-known across the globe and well-documented in an attempt to shed some light on this phenomenon.

Recently, just before I dozed off, I saw a looming dark figure by the door. My sleepiness was gone in an instant.

Take a breather and I will return with more. If you have anything that you’d like to share, do please. Thanks fellas and have a good night rest….always.

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