A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves

The Arena and a whole lot of zZzs

Allow me to be very honest with Mediacorp’s Channel 5 variety show The Arena. It annoys me so much that goosebumps appear and I started going to the toilet with stomach pains. What the blazes are they teaching kids in school these days? These little politicians babble nonsense and almost marveling at their loathsome ability to annihilate the opponent with the most verbal garbage they could possibly conjure. Arguments and debates are very crude and primitive ways to explore a subject if you but knew it.

Where is the concrete outcome? Where are the ideas to progress each motion forward? Where do we agree on what to do and move from there? Nothing. Just plain attack. Defend. And the team with the most accumulated points awarded from so-called judges wins. Oh dear…this is as far bad television goes.

And the point of all this is pretty simple, ladies and gentleman- The Arena is obviously…pointless.

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