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Eyes of the Insane

Check out this gripping video Eyes of the Insane which is the lead single from Slayer‘s new album Christ Illusion. This song is about a soldier who sees the horrors of war and gone mad from the demons that haunt him. In the end you will see that he takes his own life from the rope.

This heavy-weight song received a nomination for Best Metal Performance in the 49th Grammys. What’s so good about the grammys? Well you know that they give awards to the most-played songs on VH-1 or MTV. Is that a good thing or bad thing? I think both suck. Results out this Monday. Anyways, I’m rooting for Slayer to snare their first grammy. And I’m sure this time around they certainly will.


One Response to “Eyes of the Insane”

  1. I have checked HMV Heeren for this album but I could not find it. Apparently I believed it is banned for some reasons in this country. I don’t know why.

    If you know of any place (besides of course) I can get Christ Illusion, do let me know.


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