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Sony Ericsson W850i

This swanky Sony Ericsson mobile phone has been the one swinging around with me for the past few months and I must say I’m rather impressed with its performance. I did not buy it but my baby gave it to me as a belated birthday present and it is always nice to have a gift.

I’m an avid fan of Sony Ericsson and the phones that I’ve used were all Sony Ericsson’s ranging from the old T630, K700i, K750i and most recently W810i before I left it in the backseat of a cab. Anyways, this Walkman phone has great playtime and the music is near perfect. That would mean that your files must be in higher bit format or the sound would just sound crappy. MP3 formats especially the lower bitrate is an affront to the audiophile. The album artwork you have to upload them yourself using music player programs like iTunes 7 and edit the ID3 tags. Rip those album pics from websites like and upload them onto your iTunes. Note: Apple doesn’t allow automatic album artwork capture any longer.

The W850i is great snapping those shots that you want but what is missing here are the autofocus and macro-mode which were the key features of previous models like the W800i. Nonetheless the pictures still look great though a tad bleaky in some aspects. Another thing which I find annoying is a software bug that keeps propping up showing gibberish numbers or figures which makes no sense like F4514 or Fessage. This sucks and Sony Ericsson had better rectify this problem. In case you want to know, updating the latest software doesn’t help either.

All in all, the W850i phone is a great phone. It is robust, sturdy and cool. Get it if you need a dedicated mp3 player and for all intents and purposes, have a swinging good time. 🙂


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