A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves


The latest bloodfest by Mel Gibson does not quite disappoint despite all the ruckus that the movie is grossly inaccurate, portraying the Mayans as sadistic savages. The same reaction came when the feisty Australian directed The Passion of The Christ. Many critics claimed that the movie reeks of anti-semitism and it shed bad light on the Jews. Like most movies, there are quite a number of errors here and there but life isn’t perfect is it? The same can be said about full moon appearing in the night when earlier in the day we just experienced a solar eclipse.

But true to the nature of history, all the educated theories really do go out of the freaking window because we weren’t there at that time, were we? Those days, there were no recording devices.

But just as when the Mayans were skilled astronomers and brilliant mathematicians yet they resort to human sacrifices? At any rate, I prefer the cult value of cinema magic than jibber-jabber from geeks and scholars with their flawed logic and un-unified intelligence who seeks continuity from their scholarly knowledge.

Apocalypto is masterwork in motion picture albeit its violence and gore. Mel Gibson is a skilled storyteller, the cameras are magical (the chase-scenes are simply fluid) and the Mayan language depiction is masterful. The scene in the Mayan city is a sight to behold and may even turn Gladiator into a sordid slumber-party. Go see it. Don’t worry about the blood and decapitated heads. Heck…isn’t real life the same?


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