A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves


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Bloggers be wary of the new term

Abdul Basheer was recently detained for purportedly to have planned his self-radicalized terror thoughts and he was quickly arrested and put away. He has not done anything yet but the propensity was enough to land him in jail without trial. I wonder if anybody would have thought that he could be innocent of such an alleged charge and was detained for the wrong reasons. Allow me to explain in detail:

Basheer was planning according to the lengthy statement by the daily State Times ways to learn terrorism and that he had harbored terrorism in his mind. He had left to several Middle Eastern countries to learn skills where he could join and fight alongside a terror network purportedly the Taleban. How this was concluded by the ISD I am not thoroughly sure but the investigations and reconnaissance on the terror acolyte that lead to his capture can certainly rival the CIA’s. Abdul Basheer was in addition swayed by an internet radical religious ‘discourse’ and for this he is being detained for ‘rehabilitation’ for a indefinite period of time without trial. I am gravely concerned by the chilling fact that anyone is susceptible to this strange law which has powers to detain individuals without clemency. It is even chilling when opposing views can be perceived as self-radicalization because there is no court in this land that can save you from such detention if ever you are deemed guilty. It is worse when you could consider the methods in rehabilitation which is aimed to make you subservient, tamed and integral to the mainstream society.

This power harnessed by the ISD gives them absolute leverage to exercise arrests to individuals who are deemed self-radicalized either by radical religious or even political discourse which in this case explicitly displayed the intent of the government to maintain order and stability. If you are self-radicalized by means to disrupt this stability then the futuristic ala Minority Report warning will be emitted and the men in blue will appear at your door and have you whisked away. The discourses are no longer important. What matters that you were a threat and had to be dealt with. It can be inserted by the local mouthpiece that you were held sway by unorthodox religious or political influences. We can still remember the Marxist Conspirators which is still very much relevant in this context. They were made to confess on national television. Abdul Basheer is worse- it is safe to conclude that he is in a cold cell facing his captors as we speak.

Is he an ordinary man writing a blog to opinionate his views? Was he at that time writing issues that offended the ruling PAP government that none of them could bear his nonsense any longer? Could Abdul Basheer be quietly plotting to stage a massive protest to knock on PAP’s authoritarian door? Perhaps it is true that he was bent to make terror his career. We have no answers sadly. The problem was deftly solved by the authorities and what was left is an exercise in public relations. The investigations were not transparent enough to mitigate any wrongdoing that the terror acolyte could have had. In addition, Abdul Basheer’s family is out of the picture. None of them protested or heard of. This is ensured that nothing can contradict the holy text of the daily newspaper. You either swallow it in or spit it out, given the nature of equally opaque investigations and a lack of trial.

Terrorism is a bane to this world. There are many who are willing to die for the divine and kill innocents. This is a hideous concept. Amongst thinking men this must be rejected. I reject terrorism outright but what then to those who fight in the name of democracy against repressive governments which are quick to condemn these democracy advocates as harbinger of instability and disruption? In most extreme cases even political opponents can be dubbed as rebels and are quickly put away in cold hard cells for rehabilitation. In some countries there is no rule of law and the gun barrel thrust behind your nape makes quick of your submission.

I support any cause for democracy and honorable men and women who are brave to stand against their repression of which their acts of civil disobedience must be commended. Their civic-mindedness and courage ensured that citizens are not slaves but a voice every government must take pains to listen. I reject laws that oppress and deprive people of their rights as dignified citizens to freedom of expression and speech, whom have every right to assemble in peaceful protest. I reject extraordinariness and arrogant elitism and the outrageous preconception of being paid millions while my fellow citizen starves and suffer. I reject unjust laws that enable arrest and detention without trial.

I wonder if my proclamations can be perceived as self-radicalization, a propensity to oppose and rebel against government factions in a similar fashion where previous Freedom/Human Rights March protesters during the last IMF meeting last year were threatened by the police with ‘inciting violence’ charges. I feel must start making copies of my weblog files and give them away to those I can trust, local and abroad, or hide them in a place where they will never look. I do not wish a time to come only to find my blog deleted and the allegation of radical religious discourse comes into play.

Be warned, my fellow bloggers especially those who are openly verbal and impertinent. Start saving files in your thumbdrives now. I already have.